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Industrial Rubber Hoses & Hydraulic Hoses

Industrial rubber hoses are manufactured to handle a myriad of media. The inner cover and outer cover are rubber, and there are other layers of materials in the makeup of the hose that address pressure, flexibility, vacuum issues. Rubber hoses are manufactured to address specific uses, so it is vital to select the right rubber hose for your critical application.

The most common industrial rubber hoses are hydraulic hoses, chemical hoses, suction discharge hoses and steam hoses.

Your hose end fittings are attached by crimping, except extremely large ID hoses, where the fittings are banded to the hose.

Thunder Technologies offers many industrial hose manufacturers, including the full line of Continental rubber hoses, silicone hoses and PVC hoses. Continental is the new home of Goodyear hoses. We assemble and test your rubber hoses in our facility for fast delivery.

Continental “Assist”™ Lock couplings that are engineered for Continental hose assemblies are available, including the Continental crimped-on Steam hose fitting – no bolts to tighten!

At Thunder Technologies, we understand the selection of industrial rubber hoses can be daunting. Call our friendly, knowledgeable experts with your specifications. We can help you select the right hose for your needs. Let Thunder Technologies partner with you to on your industrial rubber hose needs.

Call our friendly, knowledgeable experts to help you choose the best PTFE hose for your needs.

Continental Rubber Hose Types

  • Air hoses – up to 1000 psi
  • Multipurpose hoses
  • Steam hoses
  • Stainless Steel lined steam hoses
  • Chemical transfer hoses
  • Suction & Discharge hoses
  • Spray hoses
  • Wash down hose
  • New Fortress wash down hoses with Microban resists microbial growth
  • Food Transfer hoses with static wire
  • Petroleum hoses that are grounde
  • Material Handling hoses
  • Biofuel & ethanol hoses
  • Aircraft Fueling Hoses – certified
  • Pump hoses
  • Fuel transfer hose
  • Coolant hoses
  • Acid Hoses
  • High pressure hoses
  • High temperature hoses
  • Flexible drain hoses
  • Exhaust hose
  • Silicone finish process rubber hoses
  • Hydraulic Hose
  • Pump connector
  • Oil transfer hose
  • Tank loading & unloading

Hydraulic Hoses

Thunder Technologies carries the full line of Balflex ® hydraulic hoses. Balflex® hydraulic hoses are high-quality and high-performance hoses, like the big names, but are economical. Our hydraulic hoses handle high and low pressure applications. These high-tech hydraulic hoses perform in the most demanding conditions.

The hoses have rubber, thermoplastic or PTFE linings, with steel and textile reinforcement, for water-base and petroleum hydraulic fluids. They are manufactured to industry and international standards, including:

Industry and international standards include

  • ISO 1436
  • SAE J517
  • EN853
  • EN857

Balflex ® hydraulic hoses include

  • Steel wire braid hydraulic hoses
  • Textile braid hydraulic hoses
  • High Temperature hydraulic hoses
  • Spiral Hydraulic
  • PTFE hydraulic hoses

Call us 248-844-4875 or shoot us an email to discuss your hydraulic hose needs.

Thunder Technologies’ Services For Rubber Hoses

  • ID Tagging helps track your rubber hose from cradle to grave
  • Hydra static Leak Testing and certification available for your rubber hoses
  • Add a Gasket and we can test your Continental rubber hose assembly as a complete-set


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