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Industrial Flexible Metal Hoses

Industrial flexible metal hoses are known by many terms, including stainless steel hoses, braided hoses, flex hoses, metal flex hoses, flexible metal hoses, flex lines and more. 

They all refer to a hose with a stainless steel metal liner that may or may not have a metal braided cover. The hose ends are welded onto your metal hoses and tested to your specifications.

Metal hoses are superior for extreme temperatures, including high temperature hoses and cryogenic transfer hoses. Stainless metal hoses make excellent chemical hoses such as sulphuric acid hoses and ammonia hoses since they are chemical resistant transfer hoses with minimal effusion.

At Thunder Technologies, we understand Industrial metal hoses are used in critical applications. Call our friendly, knowledgeable experts with your specifications. We can help you select the right metal hose for your needs. Let Thunder Technologies partner with you to on your flexible metal hose needs.

Features and Characteristics of Metal Hoses

  • Sizes: ¼” – 16″ ID
  • Length: Custom to your metal hoses’ specifications
  • Temperature range: -320°F to 1500°F
  • Pressure range: Up to 6000 psi
  • Fittings: Standard and custom fittings welded to your metal hose assembly, including Titanium fittings
  • Cover: With or without a stainless steel braided hose cover. We can also add an EPDM rubber cover for color coding or operator safety from extreme temperatures
  • Materials: 321 & 316 Stainless Steel; and specialty metals including Hastelloy, Monel, and Inconel
  • Helical and Annular metal hose liners available for your metal hoses
  • Strip wound metal hose liners available
  • Interlocked metal hose liners available
  • Tubular and braided metal hose styles available
  • Stainless steel metal hoses absorb vibration
  • Metal hoses are chemical resistant
  • No effusion with our tight welds on our metal hose assemblies
  • Metal hoses are ideal as high temperature hoses for piping installations

Applications for Flexible Metal Hoses

  • Flexline flexible metal hoses
  • Expansion joints
  • Fuel Cell hoses
  • Gas turbine hoses
  • Chemical metal hoses
  • Cryogenic metal hoses
  • Coolant hoses
  • Natural Gas hoses
  • Pump hoses
  • Pump connectors
  • Steam Hose
  • Alcohol Hose assemblies
  • Solvent hose assemblies
  • Bleach hose assembly
  • High Temperature hoses

Welding Procedures

Your flexible metal hoses are welded together and then helium leak tested with a mass spectrometer if requested. Further radiography or x-ray testing, dye penetrate testing and cleaning is available.

You can be confident that, because of superior fabricating welding procedures, and helium leak testing capabilities, your flexible metal hoses are the highest quality for your critical application. Our flexible metal hoses are used by the Navy, NASA, nuclear and power generation, military contractors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and chemical manufacturers. Every hose fabricator will tell you that they make quality hose assemblies. But Thunder Technologies hoses are made with state-of-the-art procedures and testing capabilities.

The Right Way to Test Flexible Metal Hoses

Did You Know . . . . All metal hoses leak!
The ONLY way to accurately leak test your metal hoses is by using helium and a mass spectrometer to determine your leak rate. Most fabricators do not have mass spectrometers, so instead, they will test your hose by putting it into a bucket of water and eyeball it for bubbles.

You want to know your metal hose’s leak rate
Your flexible metal hose can be tested with a mass spectrometer so we can give you the exact leak rate of your metal hoses. Unless your specs require a more stringent leak rate, your metal hose will be tested at a leak rate of 10 -8, or a leak rate of about 1 drop of fluid per year.

Testing metal hose assemblies in a bucket of water DOES NOT give you the leak rate for your critical metal hose requirements. This inferior metal hose leak testing is not uncommon among metal hose fabricators.

Thunder Technologies Metal Hose Services

  • Standard and Custom Fittings are available for your flex metal hoses
  • Oxygen Service cleaning available for your flexible metal hoses lines
  • Helium Leak testing, hydrostatic, pneumatic testing, & Certification is available for your metal hoses
  • Hose ID markings are available on your metal hoses
  • Radiographic & dye penetrate inspection service available on your metal hoses
  • Add a Gasket and we can test your metal hose as a complete set


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